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Basic Instinct 2

February 24, 2006

Just saw that there is a Basic Instinct 2 in the works while browsing the apple website (after seeing that they just reached the 1,000,000,000 song download on iTunes). Sharon Stone is still as sexy as it can get even at her age! At first glance, this looks a lot like the first one (they refer/remake a lot of the key scenes of BI-1) but we’ll have to see when it comes out late march.

Basic Instinct 2



Black is a disapointment?

February 24, 2006

The reviews for the latest Criterion (EA published) game Black began to come online yesterday (you can see all of them here) and I must say I’m really disapointed. I’ll probably have to test it myself to make my own opinion but with all the hype their marketing created it’s a shame it didn’t score any higher. For reading some of these reviews really fast it seems that the major negative side is the 6ish hours of gameplay. How can you go about publishing a game targetting a part of the hardcore gaming community and only put in 6 hours of gameplay? Criterion as always used us to quality and longer games with their burnout series but this time around it’s not the case. Could it be because of their publisher (EA) who created the hype too early and put pressure on the developper to get the game out quiclky (no, that’s not EA… 😉 )! I’ll try to grab this one as fast as I can to check it out (as a rental of course!).

Need For Speed Most Wanted

February 17, 2006

I know this isn’t a new game (released in november 2005) but I can’t still get enough of this game! I went through the career mode and I’m now doing the challenges. There’s something I just can’t describe about the overall game experience (that applies to the overall NFS series). I think you really get the feeling of speed when you’re going at insane speeds and there’s nothing more satisfying than managing a tigh turn at 200km/h to lose a couple of cops. As in everything else, I guess it’s all a matter of taste but for people who like arcade racing games, you should definitively check this out.

Also, instead of buying it at the highest price point, you get it for really cheap. That’s usually what I do when I want to play a game. Even tough it’s out and how badly I want to play it, I usually wait a few weeks and but it then. You usually save 50% and can get 2 games for the price of 1. That’s just me and I know how hard it can be to wait to play a good game when you see everybody else playing it. Just remember that you’ll get one more game than they did. Also, please, don’t even think about piracy! I, and a lot of other people, make a living out of developping good games for entertaining. I know it’s really tempting, especially when you’re low on cash but please remember that the less money we make, the less money we have to hire talented people and create kick ass and original games.

I guess this was my rant for the week! Writing this blog mostly from work, I guess I won’t be updating for the entire weekend so have a good one and check out NFSMW if you haven’t already done so!

Hope I’ll begin to get a little more traffic as I’m mostly writting this for myself for the moment. If there’s anything you’d like to be covered, let me know by leaving a comment. Right now, I pretty much blog about what’s going through my head at that particular moment focusing on games, game programming, technology and the environment.

FarCry Predator water technology demo

February 16, 2006

Some coworkers made a technology video of the water used in the upcoming FarCry Predator game for the XBox 360. I know a lot of people will say that you can’t really compare graphics with a game released 2 years ago but the water in Far Cry realeased on PC is still the reference in terms of water rendering. This feature won’t sell the game by itself but it’s a nice eyecandy showing off what can be done with the extra power of the new generation of consoles. The original movies showing off this feature can be watched here but you can watch a lower quality version right here. Enjoy!


February 16, 2006

Reading through AtariBoy‘s blog I stumbled upon a service that’ll be launched soon that is meant to increase your blog traffic. You can have a look by clicking on the banner bellow.

Incredible Valentine’s day diner

February 15, 2006

Last night, my girlfriend and I went to supper to fabulous restaurant Toqué! (part of the prestigeous Relais & Châteaux organization). Each year, we treat ourselves to a good restaurant and this year was as good as it can get. The pricepoint is fairly high but if you consider that we had an 8 courses meal (with foie gras) with 6 wines you get what you pay for. I think I’ll create a restaurant page for people coming to Montreal with my comments. I’m far from being a food critic but I think that’s what some people may be looking for (comments by people for the people)!

Bottled Water – the $100 Billion Fraud Industry

February 14, 2006

Consumers spend a collective $100 billion every year on bottled water in the belief–often mistaken, as it happens–that this is better for us than what flows from our taps. At up to $2.50 per liter ($10 per gallon), bottled water costs more than gasoline in the United States.

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Insane bodybuilding

February 14, 2006

A coworker just sent out a link to an interview with a guy called Greg Valentino (link here). This is just insane. At least, the guy knows he’s a freak and wants to stay one. The interview says that he began taking steroids a long time after he began lifting weights. I wonder what can push somebody to begin taking steroids in the first place and at such a late age. I guess I’ll never understand as I’m clearly not like him. Here is also a video of another weightlifter pressing with 200lbs dumbells in each time for 12 reps! That’s quite impressive, but I guess he’s also taking the route Greg Valentino took.

BBC launch climate change study screen saver

February 14, 2006

Similar to distributed super computers such as the SETI @ Home project, the BBC along with a bunch of Universities and the MET office call on users to help predict weather patterns.

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Longest kiss world record attempt – Live

February 14, 2006

You can check out the contestants trying to beat the world record longest kiss from last year (31hr or so) here, on Radio Energie’s website (live from february 14th to …).