Black is a disapointment?

The reviews for the latest Criterion (EA published) game Black began to come online yesterday (you can see all of them here) and I must say I’m really disapointed. I’ll probably have to test it myself to make my own opinion but with all the hype their marketing created it’s a shame it didn’t score any higher. For reading some of these reviews really fast it seems that the major negative side is the 6ish hours of gameplay. How can you go about publishing a game targetting a part of the hardcore gaming community and only put in 6 hours of gameplay? Criterion as always used us to quality and longer games with their burnout series but this time around it’s not the case. Could it be because of their publisher (EA) who created the hype too early and put pressure on the developper to get the game out quiclky (no, that’s not EA… 😉 )! I’ll try to grab this one as fast as I can to check it out (as a rental of course!).


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