Don’t be afraid! GRAW stands for Ghost Recon Advance Warfighter. It’s the latest in the series and just hit the xbox360 last week. I haven’t played it yet but since I work for the company that developed the title (and with one guy who was on the graw team in France) I know enough to say it’s a great game! Also, the reviews on Gamerankings speak for themselves with an average of 90%!

People from outside the game industry must find it weird that the company for which I work for releases a game and I barely know anything about it (except what everyone reads on the internet). Of course, if I wanted, I could get in touch with the developers to get some inside scoop (!), but otherwise nothing. I guess it’s not specific to the game industry after all but to any big compagnies. Ubisoft has more than 3000 employees in multiple studios around the world so it’s tough to know what’s going on everywhere at once. That’s the job of the studio managers and various CEOs which they are pretty good at. I wouldn’t change job with them anytime soon as it a lot of managing, trips away from the familly (great once in a while, but not too often) and a lot of extra hours.

I don’t know where this post is going, but if you can (and have an xbox 360), grab a copy of graw as soon as you possibly can (or rent it)!

I’m anxious for the game I’m currently working to come up to get all that hype around it!! Can’t say what it is and when it’s coming out though!


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