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Can’t wait for IKEA to adopt this technology!!

April 21, 2006

Self reconstructing chair!


Yoyo skillz!

March 31, 2006

Nothing to add!


March 31, 2006

A radio show I listen to up here in Montreal, called "Les Grandes Gueules" have been airing short clips of a called "Chacarron". I find it really funny because it ties in with one of the character they're doing in the show (it's a humoristic back-to-home show). Anyway, here it is, judge for yourself!

That’s a fast Volkswagen Beetle

March 13, 2006

Just found this on the front page of youtube! That’s a modded car!

Google mars

March 13, 2006

Ok, it’s all over the web by now and this is just another blog post about it but I was really surprised when I read about Google Mars. It’s not the first time Google gets me (ie: most of us) by surprise with this kind of service. Pretty useless for most of us but still really interesting. I’m sure pretty much everyone spent at least 5 minutes on the site trying the different display mode, zooming and panning on different regions! What’s next?!!! (Google moon already exists).


March 10, 2006

I’ve been wondering for a while now if some people, or at least 1 or 2 people are reading some parts of this blog (just add a comment saying, “I am!”).  I’m now aware at how hard it is to get your blog to be “popular” with all of them out there.  Nonetheless, I still enjoy posting as it at least archives some fun things I’ve found on the web.

I know I’m not doing so much personal blogging.  I’m more dumping links, embedding videos, pictures of things I found on the web or received through different rss feeds.  I mostly update my blog from work and don’t have much time to write long bits at a time.  I know that blogging and “don’t have much time” don’t really make help to popularize a blog, but still, I think/though that some people could find it fun to have some text, videos, pictures posted a couple of times a week about stuff I find on the net.

I could probably blog more about the industry I work in (games) and the work I do as I think it could be interesting for a couple of people.  I’m a 3D programmer so it’d probably be more about engine technologies, comments on different techniques, games, etc.  It could prove to be interesting.  Maybe I’ll try that.  However, writing about game programming probably involves writing a lot of text at once and as I said, I don’t have that much time and probably, not too many ideas.  Hmm, seems like a deadend!  Anyhow, I’m pretty sure I’ll continue posting miscellaneous tidbits at least so if you enjoy those, great and I’ll try to post stuff about games, game programming, etc when time allows and have good ideas of stuff I can post (that doesn’t violate any NDA about the stuff I’m currently working on).


Microsoft UMPC photoshop

March 9, 2006

Earlier today (March 9th), the top banner on Microsoft UMPC website was clearly photoshoped (LCD screen not positionned correctly) as you can see below – it was fixed later on the same day and completly replaced by a flash animation at the end of the day!

Natalie Portman SNL wallpapers

March 8, 2006

Following the Natalie Portman SNL video, here are a couple of wallpapers! 🙂

Natalie Portman

College student chugs a whole Worcestershire bottle for 40$

March 6, 2006

Students would do anything for a little cash!

Natalie Portman SNL rap

March 6, 2006

A day in the life of Natalie Portman!

Here  –  sorry no googlevideo or youtube links available.