Everybody as to be aware about the state our planet is in. Generations before us could afford ignoring all this given the lack of scientific proofs but there’s no more excuses that can stand. By only changing our habits a little bit (really, there’s not much to change to make a huge difference) we can heal our planet that’s been suffering for too long now.

There are a lot of references available on the web that can help you make ecology friendly choices. And by the way, having a “green” way of living is in! 🙂 Instead of reading the latest on your favourite Hollywood stars, take time to read books about the state the planet is in, things you can do to help and talk about it to others. You’ll look cool, guaranteed!


  • Equiterre develops projects that empower citizens to make environmentally and socially responsible choices.

Hubert Reeves’s Mal de Terre

  • Book by famous astrophysician Hubert Reeves talking about the future of earth (with a lot of references to scientific evidence) if nothing is done…fast! It’s in french but it’s probably available in english somewhere (if I find a link, I’ll put it up here).

Reusable bags

  • This is probably the first and easiest thing you can do. Bring your own reusable bags to do your everyday and grocery shopping. This is a link I found using google, but more and more local grocery stores and environment aware shops are selling their own for a few bucks (I got mine from a local grocery store for 1$ CDN each and also at IKEA).

More to come…stay tuned!


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